Beaulieu River Beacon

Engraving on Resingrave printed on Zerkall 210 gsm printing paper with Hawthorn Stay Open Dense Black Ink using a relief press.

This picturesque lighthouse guides boats into the entrance of the Beaulieu River, on the western Solent, close to Lepe Beach. It looks as if it was designed in the 19th century but actually was only installed in 2000 to commemorate the Millenium. As such it is also known as the Beaulieu River Millenium Beacon or Lepe Lighthouse.

For this ‘wood engraving’ I experimented with ‘Resingrave’, a resin faced mdf block which is much cheaper than the traditional choice of Boxwood and Lemonwood for wood engraving. It feels very different to engraving wood as it seems much harder and chips quite easily. It was interesting to try but I don’t think the economies in the cost of the block compensate for the difficulty in engraving it – it may suit some people but I don’t think this is for me!

Edition: 30

Image size: 102 x 227 mm

Paper size: 158 x 210 mm

Unframed: £20 sale price