Dusk at Fawley

A collagraph printed on 300 gsm Somerset Satin White paper with Caligo Safe Wash Etching Inks

Edition: 10 (1 artists proof)

Image size: 140 x 138 mm

Paper size: 210 x 285 mm

Mounted and unframed: £60

Fawley Power Station looks particularly dramatic at dusk on a calm summers evening. Its iconic silhouette reflected in the sea water flooding the coastal marshlands with the last of the sun tinging the sky a soft apricot pink. This print is one of a series I have created to celebrate its fine brutalist architecture taking different views and using different printing techniques. This is the second print in the series.

Carborundum, tile grout and drypoint are applied to a cardboard base and used to create different textures. The plate is then varnished with Shellac to seal the surface and create smooth areas which will not hold the ink and so print in white or lighter colours. The highly textured areas hold more ink and so print with a richer colour tone. The inked up plate and damp paper is then run through an etching press, or in my case a small craft press, the Xcut Xpress, with a high pressure setting. It is a real good technique for more abstract designs with large areas of one colour where a surface texture is desired.