First wood engravings

In January I completed an enjoyable four week introductory wood engraving course at the Red Hot Press with Jutta Manser. The first week we practiced mark making on engraving plastic and selected an image to produce on a small block of lemonwood. I chose a 3 x 5 cm block which perfectly fitted the proportions of a photo of a Koi Carp. The second week we started to engrave our image. I have much admired Agnes Mills Parker’s engravings from the 1920’s and how she used strong contrasts of black against white to bring her subject matter to life and this image really lent itself to this approach.

Working on the Koi Carp image

Having got the Koi Carp block to a reasonable state to get some good clean proofs I moved on to designing my ‘Erosion’ block. I chose a 7 x 9 cm block and engraved the design so that I could proofed it along with the Koi Carp at our last session. Jutta had selected a number of different printing papers for us to try out and I found that the Zerkall handmade printing paper (210 gsm) from Great Art worked well with the relief press. I also tried hand burnishing with a little Yew sugar spoon my mother gave me which worked very well with the lightweight Okashi Japanese paper (29 gsm, also from Great Art) and another lightweight creamy paper (unidentified).

First wood engravings

I was very pleased with the results and how I had been able to develop my recent fine linocut techniques to these intricate designs using the very fine mark making that can be achieved with wood engraving. Jutta’s years of experience in wood engraving was also was much appreciated!

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