New logo design

I have enjoyed designing cards over the last year and so, in February, I decided to buy a refurbished Adana 8 x 5 letterpress from Caslon Ltd. Amazingly this company is still in business 300 years after William Caslon cut his first typeface (of that name) in 1720. Whilst waiting for it to be delivered I started to develop my logo, initially sketching out ideas based around the tagline “hand printed by the sea” that I print on the rear of my cards using a simple rubber type printing set. I realised I could have the design made into a photo polymer plate at Lyme Bay Press, just over the Solent on the Isle of Wight. So I set about designing it in Adobe Illustrator, a programme I hadn’t used before but was fairly easy to get to grips with, having used InDesign and Photoshop.

I ordered the thicker 1.52 mm plate on a type high block which made it a little high for setting along side type so it needed a little sanding to get it to the right height. I tried it out initially with my wood engraving of a Koi Carp which I had reworked by clearing away the background to leave just the fish and some bubbles! This made a great greetings card with the addition of a little ditty!

Having had the photo polymer block made it now seemed more appropriate to the “hand printed” ethos to engrave my own logo. So I simplified the design changing the type face from Perpetua to Comic Sans to make it easier to engrave. I also took the opportunity to develop the design, strengthening the circular feature to mimic a ship’s porthole or portlight. I mirrored the image and photocopied the design onto a sheet of OHP inkjet film. The ink isn’t absorbed so if you are very careful you can transfer the wet image to the wood block without it smudging. I have engraved one block of lemonwood with a positive (black on white) image and will do another in reverse (black lines will be engraved away). I’m really pleased with the result though it will take a bit of cleaning with a toothbrush to keep the printed image sharp.

The new logo now adorns the rear of my gift cards with some additional letterpress type describing the printing techniques used.

Some of my greetings cards are available to buy in my Etsy shop and Folksy shop.