Autumn Magnolia

Four plate wood cut and Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink on Zerkall 145 gsm print paper.

My entry for the 20:20 Print Exchange 2019 was this four plate wood cut of the Magnolia in my back garden. In late Autumn the leaves turn a golden orange colour and in the morning light it shines like a beacon against a darker backdrop of woodland. The lawn comes up to the trunk of the tree and I wondered once what it would be like if it was a vast pond instead. We often get damsel flies in the garden so it seemed appropriate to have a couple hovering over the imaginary pond.

Edition: 25 ( plus 2 no. artists proofs)

Image size: 15 x 15 cm

Paper size: 20 x 20 cm

Artist’s proof unframed: £35

N.B. All editions submitted for 20:20 print Exchange 2019.

For more details of the 20:20 Print Exchange see my post: My print entry for the 20:20 Print Exchange 2019